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Specializing in Estate Planning

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Many people spend more time planning their vacations than planning their estates. This is probably because the vacation will happen sooner and because it's much more fun to plan. However, estate planning is much more important. Regardless of whether you are a married couple, domestic partner, individual, large family, small family, single parent, a person with a large amount of wealth or a person with a small amount of wealth, it is extremely important to plan your estate.



Armentrout & Associates has years of experience acting as trustee, providing trustee services, and making sure the provisions of a trust are carried out and defending the interests of the trusts we serve. We offer clients a level of attention that can develop only when there is a personal connection with our clients. Because of our long-standing relationships with our clients across practice areas, we can provide advice and counsel that frequently includes practical help. Our formal trustee services include holding assets of the trust, working with financial planners to manage the assets, and reporting regularly to the beneficiaries about the performance of the funds.



Estate Planning


One of the most fulfilling things Armentrout & Associates does is to help families create a life plan. Our goal is to ensure that you, your family and your assets are protected and that your wishes are carried out. Armentrout & Associates believes each estate is different. We have an impressive history of assisting individuals and families in a full range of circumstances. Our firm takes the time to get to know your individual situation before moving forward with any type of planning. Our main focus is to provide a plan specifically tailored to your needs and to give you and your family peace of mind.


At all times, we want our work to be responsive to your needs and to be cost-effective. We usually work on a flat-fee basis so our clients know the total cost ahead of time so there are no surprises. Initial consultations are always free! Please click the link below to view our current pricing schedule. 

Click here for our Pricing Schedule:


Become a Client

All client meetings are held virtually via zoom, phone conference or over email.


Initial Consultation - "Fit" Meeting


An initial consultation is the very first meeting we have. This will be conducted over the phone or via email or zoom. This meeting is free of charge. We like to refer to it as a "fit" meeting since we will be discussing your goals and objectives and how Armentrout & Associates can help, and we decided if we are a good "fit."  

To schedule a fit meeting, we ask you to click on one of the buttons below to begin the process.



Engagement / Initial Payment

Once we determine that we want to proceed, you will be sent an “Estate Planning Engagement Letter” for your review and electronic signature. This establishes the lawyer/client relationship between you and our firm and outlines all of the rules we must follow when planning. You will also be sent a link to make your initial payment and a link to create your Virtual Account with us where you will fill out the online intake form. 

Our firm utilizes a virtual platform called Legacy Architects™ as a key part of our estate planning process. The purpose of the online intake form is to provide basic information for estate planning purposes. At this stage, we are keeping it focused on simply information about you and your estate, not on estate planning decisions as of yet (that happens in the next phase). Once we receive your completed intake form, signed engagement letter, and initial payment, we will begin scheduling meetings. 

Some individuals/families already know they want to move forward and do not feel a "fit meeting' is necessary. If that is your case, to become a client,  you can click on the button below to create an account with us right now. We will send you the above mentioned engagement letter and payment link upon receipt of your completed online intake form. 




Once we receive all of the above, we will set meetings over the phone, via email or zoom to begin to "design" your estate plan. We will use our virtual platform as a collaborative space where we will work together as attorney and client to review and manage your estate planning data and decisions. When we engage in any type of planning, we like to be sure you are getting a plan specifically tailored to your needs. Thus, our process takes a little bit of time. These telephone calls, video chats or emails may be longer since we get to know you and your individual situation. Even though you will be working with an attorney, we like to think of it more as working with a legal tour guide. It is our job to inform you of the laws, how we can apply them to your situation, but it is up to you to choose how your plan is ultimately formed. Each family and individual is different so we like to plan accordingly. You are the ultimate decision maker when it comes to certain aspects of your estate plan (such as whether to choose a will or a trust, who to name as successor trustees, etc.) and as you make these choices during our meetings together, we will capture and save your choices on your personal platform.




After we hold our “design discussions”, a critical part of the estate planning process is for you to review and finalize your data and decisions. You will review all information on your virtual platform. Once you review and finalize all your data and design choices, you will let our office know. Once we hear from you, we will request final payment. Upon receiving final payment, we will proceed with drafting your estate plan.

Delivery of Documents


Once your plan is drafted, you will be given a copy for review. Upon review, if there are any errors or you feel you want to review everything together, will schedule a zoom or telephone conference. Once documents are ready for signing, we will prepare all documents in accordance with your preference. We can send them in electronic format for electronic signature and electronic notarization. Or, we will prepare hard copies which will be placed in an estate planning binder. We will send the binder to you in the mail with signing instructions. That will conclude your engagement with Armentrout & Associates, Ltd. 


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